Formed in 1983, Retrotherm provides spray applied cellulose treatments to solve the thermal and acoustical needs of new and existing construction. With over 50 million square feet applied to date, Retrotherm has become the world’s leading applicator of spray applied cellulose. Through stringent quality control and customer service, Retrotherm consistently outperforms the competition without sacrificing quality and commitment to the customer. All projects are personally supervised and performed, assuring the customer of instant resolution to questions, concerns, changes in scope of work, and possible problems. Over the years, this involvement and dedication to our customers has become one of the most important aspects of our success.



Providing noise reduction of up to 75%, SonaKrete is an ultra premium, high performance, Class 1 Fire Rated acoustical plaster like finish system.


  • Exceptional acoustical performance
  • Smooth attractive finish
  • Recycled Fibers – LEED Points
  • Class I fire rating
  • Durable & paintable
  • Cost-effective alternative to plaster finishes
  • Available in your custom color


Designed for large coverage areas with aesthetics and durability in mind, SONASPRAY is a class I fire rated noise reduction material well-suited for all types of ceiling decks.


  • Controls noise in large space
  • Pleasing and durable finish
  • Recycled Fibers – LEED Points
  • Class I fire rating
  • Replaces unattractive sound panels
  • Passive in appearance
  • Available in your custom color


Relied on for over 30 years, K-13 is a spray-applied insulation product tailored to your specific project requirements for insulation (R- value) and noise reduction (NRC).


  • Insulation and noise reduction in one
  • Can be installed up to 5 inches thick
  • Class I fire rating
  • Exposed finish – no additional finishes required
  • Durable, seamless insulation
  • Impressive bond strength
  • Rated as a thermal barrier


With over 50 million square feet applied to date, and holding the world record in production rates, Retrotherm has experienced every insulating and noise reduction challenge.

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