SonaSpray “fc” Acoustical Treatment

Comprised of 80% post-­consumer recycled content, SonaSpray is a proven spray applied acoustic product designed for economical solutions to noise problems in all types of construction. It is well suited for all types of ceiling decks including corrugated metal such as in gymnasiums, workout facilities, open office spaces, pools, detention facilities, arenas, or any other environment where noise is or will be an issue, but where aesthetics are a priority.

SonaSpray outperforms all other acoustic remediation products on the market today. Noise reductions of 65% to 90% are common results achieved from using this product. SonaSpray contributes to LEED points and is Class I fire rated, meeting all local and state code requirements. (Acoustic performance chart, ASTM Ratings)

SonaSpray “fc” is spray-applied and will conform to any ceiling configuration including barrel-vaults, concrete “T” corrugated decks, and other complex surfaces. The high performance adhesive used in the application will bond to virtually all common construction materials.
• Concrete
• Drywall/Gypsum
• Glass
• Plaster
• Ribbed Metal Decking
• Steel
• Wood
SonaSpray “fc” is ideal for any project or space where people, music, or machinery will be present.
Typical applications include:
• Airports
• Auditoriums
• Convention Centers
• Detention Facilities
• Event Centers
• Indoor Pools
• Libraries
• Museums
• Offices
• Restaurants
• Retail
• Schools
• Stadiums/Arenas
• Worship Centers
ASTM C 423
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC):
.5” on Lath .65
.75” on Solid Backing .80
1” on Ribbed Metal Deck .90
ASTM E 84 UL 723
Surface Burning Characteristics:
Class 1 Class A Rated
Flame Spread 5
Smoke Development 5
ASTM E 736
Bond Strength:
>600 psf
Compression Strength:
>400 psf
ASTM C-523
Light Reflectance:
Arctic White 81+
White 73+
Recycled Content:
MR 4.1 & 4.2
Made in USA from 80% Post-Consumer Materials.
VOC Content:
EQ 4.1, 4.2, 4.4
Material: 19.40 Gm/L
Adhesive: 19.40 Gm/L
VOC Levels for both concentrate and diluted are below levels specified by:
Green Seal GS 11
LEED N.C. v2.2 High Performance Plan
S. Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
Light Reflectivity:
SonaSpray “fc” in Arctic White & White provides light reflectivity. It can be used to optimize day lighting and for efficient lighting plans.
SonaSpray “fc” on Solid Backing

Inches 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz NRC
.50″ .00 .14 .49 .87 1.00 .99 .65
1.00″ .05 .40 .94 1.04 .97 .99 .85
SonaSpray “fc” on Ribbed Metal Deck

Inches 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz NRC
.75″ .17 .58 .91 .89 .87 .84 .80

Passive -­ Durable -­ Personal

SonaSpray is an attractive fine textured product that blends seamlessly with adjacent construction elements, making it very passive in appearance, eliminating the need for bulky unattractive acoustic panels, painting of ceiling surfaces, or any further ceiling finishes.

SonaSpray will provide a very durable surface that will not crack, flake, or lose its bond over time, even in high abuse areas such as ball damage in gymnasiums. Light reflectivity of 75% helps to diffuse lighting, eliminating shadowing within the space. Custom colors may be ordered to further enhance design flexibility and creativity.

Retrotherm has completed millions of square feet of SonaSpray since 1983 and is considered the leading applicator of the product in the Northeast US. We have never failed to solve even the worst noise problems in every type of situation.

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